Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fluttering Butterfly in Minutes in Cosmic Blobs

In beginning this blog I was determined to have as much fun as possible. And, this little exercise fits that goal perfectly.

I love to experiment in Cosmic Blobs and see just what is possible. To this end, I decided to try to create a fluttering butterfly. I have to admit that my first attempt was a failure becuase I chose the wrong animation strategy. I tried to animate the wings independently. It was fun and I learned a few things; but, I failed at accomplishing my goal.

But, this evening, as I was experimenting with another, completely unrelated idea, I found that if I added a decal to one side of a cube or sheet that had previously been painted with Vanish Varnish, it showed up on the opposite side!

Completely surprised at this new finding I decided to try, once again, to see how close I could come to a fluttering butterfly. The Fluttering Butterfly video is the result! You can hear the excitement and pleasure in my voice at seeing how well the Vanish Varnish technique worked. It's amazing to me and I don't mind sharing my amusement in real time!

So... now let's prove just how easily amused Tom is by watching....

The Amazing & Dazzling Vanish Varnish Fluttering Butterfly Trick

I sure hope that you are as easily amused as I am becuase I HATE to laugh alone! And, I hope you are enjoying your own experiments with Cosmic Blobs... an absolutely wonderful program.

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