Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cosmic Blobs Tutorials - Decoration Mode

Decorating your blobs is as much fun as creating the 3D shapes. In this series of Cosmic Blobs tutorials we will turn our attention to the many ways you can use your imagination to decorate the blobs you create with the built-in features that the Cosmic Blobs designers gave us.

And, we're also going to show you how you can create your own 'Stickers' so that your blobs truly reflect your own imaginative creations.

Decoration Mode - Backgrounds

In Cosmic Blobs we can select different images as true 3D environments for our blobs. We can also color the background using the Fill Tool. In this tutorial we will explore decorating our backgrounds.

Play Tutorial #19 - Decorating the Background

Decoration Mode - Filling with a Solid Color

The Bucket Fill tool allows us to paint our blobs with a full spectrum of colors. In this tutorial we will explore some of the behaviours of the fill tool as we work on 3D blobs.

Play Tutorial #20 - Decorating with Solid Fills

Decoration Mode - Filling with Patterns

While being able to paint our blobs with solid colors is great, it's not all we can do. The designers of Cosmic Blobs has given us the ability to fill our blobs with a variety of patterns. There are two types of patterns. Some have fixed colors and others permit us to choose their color combinations. We've divided our look at pattern fills into two different tutorials so that we can focus on the unique characteristics of each pattern type.

Play Tutorial #21 - Decorating with Fixed Patterns
Play Tutorial #22 - Decorating with Colored Patterns

Decoration Mode - Painting with Marker and Sprayer

The Bucket Fill Tool applies to an entire blob. Smaller, more precise control of the painting process is provided through the Marker and Sprayer Tools. Solid colors, Fix Patterns and Colored Patterns can be applied using these tools. In this tutorial we explore some techniques for controlling the behaviour of these tools.

Play Tutorial #23 - Decorating with Marker and Sprayer

Decoration Mode - Using Stickers

Stickers are a wonderful feature of Cosmic Blob. We can add many things such as eyes, noses, ears and other decorative features very simply using Stickers. Stickers can be resized and rotated, giving us a lot of control over how they are applied. We'll also explore how to combine the Pulls and Pokes to enhance the effects of the stickers.

Play Tutorial #24 - Decorating with Stickers

Creating Your Own Stickers

The fact that Cosmic Blobs is designed so that we can import stickers of our own design is a wonderful feature. This means that our imagination is the only limit to how we can decorate our blobs. In this tutorial we will show you how to use Ulead's PhotoImpact, a 2D paint and photo program to create stickers for use in Cosmic Blobs. We will also show you how to design your stickers with some of the Pull and Poke capabilites of Cosmic Blobs in mind. This is just plan fun!

Play Tutorial #25 - Making Your Own Stickers

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