Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cosmic Blobs May be Dangerous to Grandfathers

Cosmic Blobs has become a 'must do' activity when I get together with my grandchildren. But, I'm not really sure this is a safe activity any more!

They've decided that making a 3D PopPop gets the most reaction... mostly howls of protest from the victim. Eliana is not yet 5 and she can get around Cosmic Blobs with very little help. She discovered the 'Stickers' feature in a big way with this rendition of "PopPop with Booboos". At least the bandaids weren't Princess Bandaids that she's been known to cover herself with from head to toe!

PopPop With Booboos

Greta has just turned 7 and decided to create her worst nightmare.... PopPop in a Tutu. Come to think of it, it's my worst nightmare too!

Pop in a Tutu

Hmmm... Maybe we'd better find a NEW activity! Naaahhhh! This one's too much fun for all of us!

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